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TALENS HEALTH SUPPORT SERVICES are an established Counselling Service and Organisational Member of the BACP providing a wide range of counselling services.

Our private counselling service provides access to counselling appointments for as long as you need them, our service is not time-limited (we do not limit clients to 6-8 sessions) 

The first appointment with one of our team is free and will be available within 24 hours of referral. We offer daytime, evening, and weekend sessions.

If you not sure or have any doubts please send a message via Chatbox or an email. We would answer any queries as soon as possible.

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TALENS HEALTH SUPPORT SERVICES  is a passionate and dedicated team of dynamic and diverse individuals, bringing together their unique skills and expertise to help people who may be struggling with issues that may effect their mental health. Our team members use their skills to make best-in-class mental health advice available to everyone, anywhere and at times convenient to each of our clients.