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Couples Counselling can help restore the love and trust to your relationship. Online Therapy
Vanessa Anthony offers online sessions for individuals and couples therapy. Book oNline Today

Vanessa Anthony
Registered Counsellor

My name is Vanessa and I am a registered counsellor offering support which is underpinned by a compassionate person-centred and humanistic therapy, which I have developed over several years. This approach helps people to form an understanding and gain a sense of knowing from their personal experiences. Empowerment and autonomy for my clients are so important so that they can grow and leave the counselling sessions with new positivity and sometimes a newfound strength to move to a different stage in their lives.


I have a special interest in clients who present with mental health, anxiety, trauma and bereavement cases. I continue to develop my knowledge and experience through learning experiences whether this is in sessions or through educational courses to further develop my empathic and caring approach to my counselling.


I believe that we are all unique and our experiences are also individual when it comes to thoughts and feelings. I like to be the person who walks alongside my clients in their journey of discovery offering a listening and safe space to do this.

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